We use sustainable woods whenever possible, and try to source our materials locally. Katrinkles knitting needle gauges and tools are made of 1/8" woods such as cherry hardwood and birch plywood. Our materials are sourced through Rhode Island and US businesses whenever possible.  Katrinkles buttons are made of 1/8" cherry hardwood, which is sustainable, lightweight and strong. Your buttons won't be indestructible but can withstand a lot of wear and tear, including going through the washer and dryer (if your garment can).

Regardless of material, each Katrinkles item has been hand-sanded to smooth out any rough corners and washed to remove any residue from laser cutting. Because wood is a natural material, each item may vary slightly.  We think the natural grain and texture of the wood is beautiful but try not to send out products where it interferes with the legibility of the tools.

Button Care and Use

Our buttons and tags can go in the washer and dryer, but may last longer if they're hand-washed and/or dried flat.  

When stitching buttons with more than four holes: If you're sewing them in a place where they will be functional, you may want to fill in the outer holes first and then tack the button down onto the garment using a few of the holes towards the center. If the item is for a baby or toddler, you may want to stitch the button onto the garment using all of the holes to ensure it is more secure. If your yarn is thick or you are using 3/4" or smaller buttons, you may want to stitch the button using one or two plies of your yarn. Embroidery floss works great too and has a different sheen than wool.