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Mega Mending Bundle

Mega Mending Bundle

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Know someone that does a lot of mending? Our Mending Bundles include all the tools you need to darn socks and fix holes in sweaters and other garments. Pick the option that suits your needs, from simple stitch repairs to sewing up tears in denim jeans or doing visible mending projects. Save money by bundling the tools you need!

The Mega Mending Bundle includes:

  • 1 Tiny Darning Loom
  • 1 Small Darning Loom
  • 1 Heddle Expansion Pack
  • 1 Bigger Darning Loom
  • 1 Make do and mend needle minder
  • 1 Card of three small sheep bobbins
  • 1 Mending Denim Mini Tool
  • 1 Darning Knits Mini Tool 

We also offer a Super Mending Bundle

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