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Stitch Marker Mystery Packs

Stitch Marker Mystery Packs

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Who doesn’t love a good surprise? We sure do and that’s why we’re so excited about our new Stitch Marker Mystery Packs! Each pack includes 10 stitch markers in an assortment of styles on a mix of large stainless steel closed rings, small stainless steel closed rings, and removable bulb-shaped pins. With so many animals, knitting images, number and letters, shapes and colors to pull from, there’s plenty of combinations to keep you (and us!) guessing.


Stitch markers (also known as stitch holders, knitting markers, crochet markers, place markers or slip markers, depending on use) serve a variety of purposes from counting stitches to marking rows or stitch pattern changes or simply helping you keep your place in a project. The wide variety of styles in our Stitch Marker Mystery Packs provides you with options while adding a touch of fun and personality as well!


*Our basic stainless steel rings have a 9.5mm inner diameter. They are big enough to fit over size 11 needles, but not so big that they're uncomfortable to use on smaller knitting. The small rings fit up to a size 8 needle. Removable bulb shaped safety pins fits best on needles smaller than size 3. These are similar to open rings or split rings, but more secure than other designs.

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